Join us at the iStrategy conference in London

It’s only a couple of weeks until the iStrategy conference in London. Mosoco will be there – and Managing Partner Jeremy Swinfen Green will be chairing a panel on social media and PR. Should be very interesting although there is a huge amount of other things to see and do.

The conference theme is “Digital Marketing is dead – long live marketing”.  And that is a timely theme. Just as most people don’t talk about “new media” any more, it’s time to stop talking about “digital marketing” as if it is something different. Because it isn’t. 

We don’t (normally) talk about “print marketing” or “TV marketing” as though they are different – unless we are specifically talking about their media qualities.

It’s reasonable to talk about “internet marketing” when we want to differentiate it from press or TV. But “digital marketing”? Well, that can encompass internet, mobile, linear and smart TV, cinema and outdoor. The “digital” word doesn’t really tell you anything. You might as well call newspapers and magazines “ink marketing”!

We can’t  even say that “digital” is a short hand for “interactive”. What about DRTV and off the page press? They are interactive formats too – but they don’t need to be digital!

So, let’s talk about “marketing” when we consider the web and mobile – not digital marketing. Perhaps when we start doing that we will begin to recognize the importance of integrating the web and mobile with the other important media channels out there.


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