Ten top tips for tweets that build followers

Want to build followers? Here’s how. Use some of these ten top tips when you are tweeting and you can be sure of encouraging retweeting and building your audience.

  1.  Ask: One of the simplest ways of doing this is to ask people! However, saying “Please retweet” can look rather desperate so you need to give people a reason for sharing. This could be a competition, some “research” or a “cause” that is worth spreading.
  2. Include a link: Tweets with links are far more likely to get retweeted.
  3. Be brief: Yes I know you only have 140 characters (or 120 characters plus the link) but keep your post to 80 to 100 characters and you will improve your chances of a retweet or a follow.
  4. Use quotes from famous people: Inspirational quotes get reweeted a lot.
  5. Include Twitter handles: Tweets with relevant @… may be picked up by the person who owns that account and shared; including @… adds credibility especially where the Twitter account belongs to a thought leader
  6. Be nice. People respond to positive sentiments but are more likely to reject or ignore negative sentiments.
  7. Take care with grammar and spelling: No one is likely to retweet a badly spelled post. And use simple words so tweets are easy to understand and absorb.
  8. Avoid using “I” and “we”: talk about other people rather than yourself and people will be more likely to follow you.
  9. Don’t focus too much: You need a theme but over-specialising will reduce the number of people who you appeal to; a digital marketer could usefully write posts that appeal to offline marketers as well as to designers, business strategists, and even finance people
  10. Watch you ratio of friends to followers:If you are following 1000 people but only 100 people follow you then you will lose credibility. However, if people follow you it is generally worth following them, not least because that way they are likely to remain followers.

Want to know more? Get in touch with mosoco: email us at hello@mosoco.co.uk to ask us a question about this post or to see how we can help with your social media marketing.


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