Cyber security and the Centcom Twitter hack

The recent hack of the US Government agency Centcom’s Twitter and YouTube accounts is embarrassing but not a security threat. After all Twitter servers are totally separate from US Government servers and there is no way that a hacker could use their access to Centcom’s Twitter account as a way of accessing Centcom information.

Or is there?

This depends on how access to the Centcom social media accounts was achieved. The danger is that if Centcom executives are using easily hackable passwords on social media accounts they may be using hackable passwords on other accounts.

Worse, they may be using the SAME passwords which means that access to other Centcom accounts could be vulnerable. After all over half of internet users reuse passwords across accounts. Now if that has been the case then the Twitter hack really could represent a security threat.

As a way of seeing how hackable your passwords are, take a look at this password security checker.


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