Mosoco (www.mosoco.co.uk) is a digital marketing agency focussing on content marketing to mobile and social consumers. And we are a little bit different: pragmatic, hype-free and iconoclastic. We deliver a structured approach, based on our experience of old and new media, with heaps of common sense applied.

We can show you what people are saying about your brand online and how best to respond. We can develop effective content that engages your customers and ensure that it gets seen by your target audience. And we can help you choose appropriate KPIs and measure the impact your mobile and social campaigns are having on your business.

We specialise in helping our clients deliver great returns from their investments in social media and mobile marketing. We can help you in the following ways:

  • Strategy: We can show you the impact mobile and social technologies are having on your business and build content marketing strategies for you.
  • Consumer insights: We can provide in depth insights into how your customers and prospects are using mobile and social media.
  • Social listening: We can ensure you know what people are saying about your brands and products online and enable you to respond.
  • Campaigns: We can plan, implement, optimise and measure effective content marketing campaigns for you.
  • User experience: We can ensure that your content marketing is built and delivered in a way that is appropriate for mobile devices and for social media behaviour.
  • Training: Our experienced trainers can provide you with bespoke training and informal coaching in the mobile and social media space.

Mosoco is owned by Jeremy Swinfen Green and David Hughes. Jeremy has worked digital marketing, user experience, research, publishing and e-commerce since 1993. David has worked in media since the early 1980s and in digital media since the late 1990s. We have a great deal of experience of both online and offline media that can help you understand the real place of digital within your marketing investments, and of mobile and social media within digital.


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